Restorative Hydration Cream


-Revives dry, tired and stressed skin
-Helps prevent skin ageing; chronic dryness can lead to a breakdown of elastin and
collagen fibers, leading to premature ageing
-Instantly plumps and hydrates, with visible improvement in fine lines, shadows and
skin texture with continued use

When can I start seeing results from the Restorative Hydration Cream?

When used as a daily moisturiser, the Restorative Hydration Cream supplies the skin
nutrients that aid and boost the restoration of your skin’s renewal cycle back to 28 days.
This process is known as the skin-cycle reset and may take two to four weeks for results to
take effect. Optimal results can usually be observed after 90 days.
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Active Ingredients:

Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem cell derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin,
Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopherol, Potassium Lactate,
Fatty Acids (Oleic Acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid), Gylceryl Stearate