Pure Wellness Collection

iS Clinical innovative skincare dedicated to produce ground-breaking, highly effective,
clinically validated skincare products that deliver dramatic improvements to the appearance
of the skin.  Cancer patients can experience improvements in the appearance of the skin,
with healthier and more radiant skin.


iS Clinical Pure Wellness collection has been specifically designed for those with sensitive
skin formulated with pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients that work synergistically
and safely with skin cells to address the issues that skin can face while undergoing Cancer
Treatment such as inflammation, redness, dryness. The iS Clinical Calm skin regime
includes formulas that increase microcirculation and renewal of cells, targeted hydration and
protection to improve overall skin health & appearance.

Collection contains:

Cream Cleanser 180ml

Poly Vitamin Serum 15ml

Hydra-Cool Serum 15ml

x2 Eclipse SPF 50 100g


CREAM CLEANSER – deep cleansing, wipes off or rinses off with water, leaves skin silky
smooth and hydrated.
POLY VITAMIN SERUM – promotes cellular regeneration and increases cellular
metabolism, improves overall health and integrity of the skin, helps treat dermatitis and
revitalises ageing and compromised skin (excellent for patients undergoing cancer treatment
HYDRA-COOL SERUM – refreshing lightweight serum enables penetration of superior
antioxidants, essential botanicals, and bio-nutrients to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.
EXTREME PROTECT –  combining the latest in anti-aging technology with sun protection
this formula features microfine zinc oxide, micro-encapsulated sunscreens and powerful
botanical antioxidants. Clinically proven to repair and protect collagen and cell DNA with
our unique Extremozyme technology this broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen is the
ultimate moisturising protection.
SHEALD RECOVERY BALM – is a deeply moisturising lotion that provides barrier protection for dry, sensitised, or compromised skin. Non-acneic skin types with damaged skin looking to hydrate and heal. Post-procedure skin will also appreciate this moisturiser for soothing and moisturising the treatment area.
We find this especially helpful for those that have had a skin procedure or tattoo that needs
barrier protection while healing.