Calecim Professional Serum


-Highest concentration of stem cell derived growth factors and proteins.
-Physiologically balanced to help activate tissue renewal.
-Reduces procedure downtime and discomfort, and optimises aesthetic results.

Why is the Professional Serum pink?

Professional Serum contains phenolsulfonphthalein (a pH indicator) which is reddish/dark pink. As each batch of protein mix may have slight differences in acidity or alkalinity, the
colour can range from light yellow/orange to light red/dark pink. This is within our acceptable range.

It is recommended to keep CALECIM® Professional products in cool conditions, not
exceeding 33°C or 91.4°F. Please discontinue usage of the product if the colour appears to
be different from the stated acceptable range and contact us at

When can I start seeing results from the Professional Serum?

When Professional Serum is used after in-clinic procedures, the calming and soothing effect
is usually quite rapid with patients experiencing some amounts of decreased redness, swelling and discomfort within 15 minutes of application.

Active Ingredients:

Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem cell derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin,
Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid).

Which product do I choose to use post-procedure: the Professional Serum or the Recovery
Night Complex?

The Professional Serum is designed to be used after in-clinic procedures. It is light and
easily absorbed into the skin with a pH that is designed to be gentle on sensitised skin.

The Recovery Night Complex can also be used on sensitised skin, but it is better applied at
night because of its gel like texture that forms a light film over the skin to protect and
hydrate it. This texture is also not conducive to the convenient application of sunblock or
make up which is why it is not recommended for use in the day.
As a night time regimen on the day of the procedure, you can apply the Professional Serum
followed by the Recovery Night Complex.